Christopher Okwudili

Managing Director
Brief info

Christopher Okwudili practices Christianity. He is a Civil Engineer, a certified Project Manager, a certified Scrum Master, a visionary Leader, and an Entrepreneur. Christopher has several years of hands-on experience in building and construction services (15 years).

He is passionate about adding value and meeting clients' needs.

Working with several individuals and organizations across Nigeria was instrumental to his understanding of the clients' personalities, behavior, and needs.

This understanding has enabled him to build strategies to develop his team to innovate, collaborate, work under pressure and uncertainty to continuously meet clients' needs. Some of his strategies include; training / mentoring project supervisors to become better leaders, and training workmen to become better at what they do. Whatever he Starts he finish. Success record is 90%

Christopher knows what it means to wear multiple hats. He has an excellent ability to initiate, plan, organize, and oversee numerous projects from conception to successful closure, on schedule, on budget, and meeting the specified quality requirement.

Project alignment with business strategy is key to him. He puts his sound communication ability to work with his team and stakeholders.

Christopher has executed over 500 building, facility management, and construction projects for individuals, financial institutions, corporate organizations, business outlets, and churches.

Christopher Okwudili, is the Founder of The Builders Link Limited, Managing Director – Projects at Benell Perspectives Limited, Consulting Engineer at Adeojo and Associate, and Partner Blue Design Limited / Blue Design Garments.

Christopher is open and highly interested in learning new skills and developing himself to meet the ever-changing needs arising within his sector and sphere of business.

Christopher Okwudili is married.

SOCIALS: Meeting up for coffee, dinner parties, and barbecues, wine, and puzzle Parties, camping trips, concerts, escape rooms, voluntary community service, and gaming – table tennis, basketball, boxing.