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Our story, mission & vision for leading in building & construction industry

Having Identified some key challenges associated with the building and construction industries, a team of professionals came together to start up the Brand. These Team of professionals includes Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Economists, IT Personnel, and Digital Marketing Experts. All Driven by the passion to solve some of the biggest needs associated with the industry. They however, developed concepts and eventually a workable model with the tittle “The Builders Link Limited”. Aimed at providing quality service, insight, availability and affordability.

To build a legacy of excellence by integrating a team driven by passion to provide quality workmanship, customer service and maintaining high level of professionalism geared towards satisfying customers need and obtaining a fair value for our deliverables.

To provide a secured, effective and efficient online portal, integrating materials, human and other resources within the construction and building industry, aimed at creating, insight, accessibility, building availability and promoting affordability.

WHAT CAN I BUY: Construction/building materials, tools and equipment.

WHAT YOU CAN FIND: All artisans, Craftsmen & Technicians in the industry.

WHAT YOU CAN LEASE: Vehicles, Plants, Equipment and Power Tools.

WHAT CAN I CONTRACT: Design, building services, Bill of quantities, Technical Jobs, artisans and other specialized services.

AVAILABLE PROFESSIONALS: Architects, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Telecom Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Quantity surveyors, Land Surveyors, Geologist, Soil Engineers, PILING Engineers and others.

Services overview

We offer fast, professional and exceptional services

The Builders Link at providing quality service, insight, availability, and affordability. To be harnessed by investors, homeowners, specifiers, developers, professionals, building /construction firms, contractors, Building Material Merchants and anyone who might require such services.
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We offer online sales of over 2,000 range of building/construction materials and products, personal protective equipment, and security systems. Purchase all your building/construction materials, protective gear, PPEs, and security systems on The Builders Link website with ease.

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Our strength lies in our ability to work closely, in partnership with our clients and their design team identifying challenges and reaching our joint goals and targets.

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At thebuilderslink, we are ready to serve you.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know and we will gladly special order it for you, to your specifications

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Our artisans and technicians are highly recommended to us by clients, registered trade associations, certified vocational centres, technical colleges and are tested carefully on their professional skills.

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Our specialists are highly recommended, registered and certified practitioners, they are tested carefully on their professional skills.

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Make money by selling on our platform to our customers. Visit the sell now tab on the home page

Our Team

Christopher Okwudili

Managing Director

Sidney Osaebu

General Manager

Vivian Odii

IT support & strategy Development Manager

Victoria Sotunde

Head of Internal Control and Finance